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Kids Create Ages 5-12 New Summer Class!  Starts Monday June 11th

Mondays 4:00-5:00
$30.00 per class   $25.00 material fee for studio students

Your kids will stretch their creative wings by breaking away from the restrictions of a single art medium! Students will explore the fun world of exploring all types of materials in 3-D and 2-D projects!  Themes are suggested or emergent based and all art is process based.  Art projects are created independently, in pairs or in groups with guidance, suggestions and encouragement but they are never regimented. The process and exploration of art making is more important then the product and students are encouraged to follow their interests and to think outside of the box.
Projects include: collage, visual journals, painting and drawing, assemblage and sculpture, montage, edible art and art that looks edible. Sewing, knitting and jewelry making, all types of clay projects, science experiments, little environments, cultural and historical creations and more! Kids will learn all about artists, the world and themselves while creating both 2-D and 3-D projects.   This class is ongoing throughout the year so kids can join anytime!  Scroll down to register.

Attendance and Payment:

Payment is due by the 1st of every month, or the first class of every month if paid by check or cash.

If given 24 hours notice prior to an absence, credit which will be deducted from the following cycle or the students can make up the class in one of the other classes.  Payment options include chase quickpay/zelle, venmo, check (made to Sandra Dawson), or cash.

Want a Trial Class?
The studio offers a trial class for $30.00.

Scroll down to register!




Kids have a fun filled time celebrating and making Art!
Here’s the Deal:
We supply all Art Materials
You supply all food, plates, cups and utensils, decorations etc.
6-10 kids + 2 parent maximum.
90 minutes for party time, (1 hour for art, 1/2 hour for celebration, if needed party can go longer)
Dates and times are flexible
$300. for up to 10 kids + 2 adults.
Painting themes: you choose, we choose or we choose together
Art projects: painting, craft or clay (I will email you examples of possible projects)

$50.00 deposit fee required to hold date and time. Your deposit will be applied to the balance of your event invoice. Deposit is non-refundable if event is canceled 24 hours prior to party.



‘My girls love their afternoons at Sandy’s. As a parent, I love the creative energy and the caring home environment. I feel that my kids get enough ipads and standardized curriculum in their school day and Sandy’s is a welcome departure into a more individualized and creative place. Sandy’s afterschool program is an Oak Park treasure and a great opportunity for children to spend time creating and in the home of a great artist.’

I like Sandy’s art class very much. It includes lots of colors and unthinkable projects. She is also a very friendly teacher and a very good listener. Sandy talks easily and it is easy to understand what she says. She is very creative and I like her art class.
Laura age 12

Sandy is a great art teacher. I love her class. She does art projects that you will never think of in a million years. I wish she was still my art teacher.
Max Age 11

“Sandy’s After School Art Program has been the perfect place for my three children for over eight years. Her warm, nurturing environment makes all children (and parents) feel welcome The benefits of her art therapy will last a lifetime. I am forever grateful that her program was available to our family. I highly recommend her and have referred her to dozens of friends (who also love her program!)”
Lourdes Nicholls

“Don loved meeting and making new friends. He was very excited to show me his creations from the class and asked me if he could go again. When my child is happy, so am I. Thank you for providing this service.”



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