You’ve decided to get serious about art school. But before you reach out to colleges  it is crucial that your portfolio showcases your talents, strengths, creative and conceptual abilities as well as your committment.

As a professional artist and teacher of 30 years and a mother of 3 young artists, I can help you create a portfolio that will stand out and seperate you from 100’s of other applicants; a portfolio that shows your technical, creative, and conceptual abilities and separates you from other applicants.


Do you want to spend more time making art for pleasure or building an art career, but need help getting there?
As a teacher and professional artist of 30 years, I will help you create a focused plan to unfold your unique artistic talent, reach out to galleries, get your name out there and achieve your highest potential.

What an art coach can do for you.

-Help you organize your time better so you can fit art into your life.

-Help you organize a studio space or re-organize your existing studio for greater benefits.

-Hold you accountable for eliminating excuses for not finding time to work.

-Gives you honest feedback about your work, your presentation, both positive and negative critisicm, to help you create the strongest body of work you are capable of.

-A coach is a professional who holds no judgement, has been around the block enough to know the vulnerabilities of the artst.

-Making art can be lonely. An art coach guides you, helps you stick to your resolve and encourages you with your efforts.

-A coach is similar to a personal trainer, a professional who knows the most direct route to using your time and creativity most effectivitly.


-Develop a strategic artistic plan

-Organize your time

-Gain confidence

-Find inspiration

-Critique your work so you become a stronger artist

-create a working studio

-Stay on track and focus on building a body of work

-Learn how to market yourself and marketing stratagies

-Write your resume and bio

-Help you price and present your work

-Find venues to show your work

-Learn how to submit to galleries

-Find the best niche for your art

-Encourage you to be persistent and goal oriented

-Increase art sales

-Increase self confidence and learn how to take risks.


TO REGISTER:  Contact me at for more info.

Initial hour long consultation fee:  $95.00

$75.00 per hour thereafter