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Visual Art Education

for your K-5th Gr. Students

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SD Studios Artist in Residency program provides high quality Art Education to all of your K-5th grade students.  Whether you have an existing art program or not, we are an additional bonus to any curriculum.  Our art lessons furnish a doorway to success through creative, inspiring and educational art lessons!

We focus on delivering a broad range of cultural, historical and educational expertise that tie into multi-cultural school curriculum. We are passionate about broadening the educational experience by providing an in-depth understanding of the many artistic styles, genres and methodologies to all of your students.

Our Artist in Residence program integrates art history and criticism with studio production. We connect personal experiences and contemporary life with historical periods, and enrich all students in an engaging, hands-on process. We encompass a broad spectrum of educational teaching tools and artistic techniques that widen your student’s learning experiences.

Art Education has been proven to increase math, science, language and motor skills, build confidence and self-esteem. Art provides a voice for non-traditional learners and adds a plethora of skills to students of all abilities. By encouraging creativity, originality and multiple learning styles, your students will benefit in a myriad of ways.

SD Studios artist in residency program offers unique lessons for your students.  Our hands-on projects cover a broad range of artistic styles, subjects, techniques and materials. Both process and product of the artistic experience are valued. Exploration and refinement of ideas are encouraged as well as careful craftsmanship and technique. Emphasis is placed on the historical and cultural context of artwork as well as the role of art in communities.


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Thank you!!!  You had our students hooked right from the get go!  Your art inspired them to create their very own little masterpiece collages!  The lesson was engaging and relative to their real life experiences.  We can’t wait to have you back!  Thank you!!!

Sandra, The experience you provided for our students was truly awesome. Our students were excited and engaged when they listened to you speak about your art and your art making process. The way you connected your own artwork and passion for art making to the collage activity was inspirational.


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