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What to expect:

– Personalized lessons geared towards your interests from a professional artist and art teacher of 25 years.

– learn at your own level. All levels of students are welcome.

– Choose your area of interest, medium and style and develop technical skills.

– Work at your own pace with guided instruction.

– Broaden your horizon of whatever artistic medium you are interested in:  drawing (beginner, intermediate, advanced), acrylic painting, encaustic, collage, mixed media, image transfers, printmaking, art history, design or craft with one-on-one instruction with a professional art teacher and working artist.

– Lessons are typically taught in the studio although exceptions apply.


You may register any time for private one hour lessons.

Private Lessons: $50.00 per class.

Semi-Private Lessons: (2-5 Students) $35.00 per student per class. Call to schedule a convenient time for your private or semi-private classes.

contact me at: or 708-908-0057 with questions and to arrange dates and times for lessons at your convenience.

ONGOING small group ART CLASSES AGES 12-18
Sunday Class 11:30-12:30, Monday Class 4:00-5:00
$35.00 per class, $25.00 upfront deposit/material fee
Students will explore various drawing and painting styles while learning techniques to build on and improve their skills. Design elements and principles are implemented with excercies each class and interwoven into main projects. Students will gain knowledge about artists throughout history, genres and styles while building their own unique visual language. Students are instructed by a professional artist and art teacher of 25 years. Students will learn how to use different tools and techniques in their work, while building on their portfolio.

Students can focus on one style, medium or technique or experiment with mixed media.
Mixed media refers to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct tools and techniques involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink, graphite and pastel or painting, transfer and collage, that work cohesively within a single composition. Students will learn methods and technqiues to make visually impactful work while engaging in the process. Art techniques stretch across all medias, watercolor, ink, colored pencil and pastel.

Themes are suggested or emergent based, determined by discussions, inspiration and individual interests. Students will be taught how to work independantly with guidance, suggestions and group critiques. Personal expression and freedom to explore is valued and promoted. Class is ongoing, students can register anytime and for as long as they wish.

Want a Trial Class?
The studio offers a trial class for $35.00.

ABSENCES: Please provide at least a 2 hour notice prior to class if your teen will be absent. If a parent does not call within that time frame, the class will continue and the parent will be charged regardless. If a parent calls within that time frame I will reschedule the class or provide a makeup for your teen.

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Sandra is a very talented artist and an effective art instructor. Her lessons are both informative and inspiring. Thanks to my summer classes in her studio, I’ve made a huge progress in mixed media and collage techniques. Sandra supported my intention to try new things and provided me with valuable and honest feedback that helped me to improve my artworks. I truly appreciate her help, expertise and guidance.

Sandy is great with all skill levels and interests. My daughter learned to paint through private lessons and I have loved learning new skills like encaustic and mixed media art. We both look forward to what each new lesson brings!


About me:  Hello, S.D. Studios is located in a state licensed Oak park home and is run by me, Sandra Dawson a mother of three, a certified art teacher and professional artist of 25 years.

Before I moved to Oak Park I taught art in the Chicago area for 10 years. My extensive background includes working with preschool through High School level kids. While employed with CPS I taught at a gifted school, a neighborhood school and taught therapeutic art to children with special needs. I also gained insight working with elementary through highschool students at a Chicago Independent School, and two non-profit organizations: Marwen and A.R.T.

Eventually, I created my own program traveling to lower income areas and teaching art to kids of all ages at various Chicago Public Schools. When I moved to Oak Park in 1997 I became licensed as a day care provider and designed an art based after school program and summer camp so I could raise my kids and paint from home. I also taught adult classes at the Oak Park Art League and organized an art group with the women I taught, while continuously exhbiting my work at galleries nationwide.

After 17 years of running a highly successful after school care, I am returning to teaching and painting full time.  Please contact me for lessons at





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