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SD Studios Artist in Residency Program for Senior Resident Centers      708-908-0057

SD Studios travels to your community settings. Our program emphasizes in-depth involvement in the arts and focuses on the creative, expressive and therapeutic process of art making.

Senior art classes focus on both the joyful process of art making and the discovery of learning about art through mixed media, guided imagery, art history and cultural art.

Senior Centers that participate in the Artist Residency Program open doorways to numerous benefits. Our art classes provide in-depth, substantial experiences of the arts while introducing particular art forms, personalizing and providing hands-on, creative and unique artistic experiences.  SD Studio classes are calm, student-centered, easy-going and fun, the motivation is in cultivating joy and a feeling of accomplishment to students.

Meaningful mixed media art classes stimulate the creative process and reduce boredom, depression and anxiety. Students will develop their drawing, painting and printmaking skills and discover numerous other processes through experimentation. Art has been proven to increase cognition and communication, self-esteem and independence and enhance self-expression and socialization.

Our senior program creates art-rich, safe, creative, educational and emotionally uplifting environments for all levels of skills. Through visual art, seniors find joy to heal, cope, express emotions, learn and grow.

Senior Resident Fees and Options


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